Policies and Procedures

First Day at the Daycare

Before your child begins attending BEAUTIFUL DAY, set up an exact enrollment date. You may bring your child for 1 or 2 days for a couple of hours to help them get acquainted with the daycare.  Children often cry the first few times they are left. Try a brief goodbye. Delaying departure is hard on the child and the parent, as both become more upset and reinforce each other’s fear feelings. If your child is upset when you leave the daycare, feel free to call the daycare back after some time to check on your child’s progress.

We will call you if your child does not settle down. Most children quiet down quickly, once they are reassured by the teacher and become interested in the toys and other children.

On the first day, you should bring the following items:

  • A lunch box with their name on it if they are bringing their own lunch.
  • Milk/Formula bottles with their name on it.
  • Two complete changes of clothing, weather appropriate, labeled with your child’s name.
  • Small pillow and blanket (24 months and older).

Arrival and Departure Times and Regulations

If children are not picked up by the appropriate time, late fee policies will be in affect as listed on the previous pages.  Parents are expected to have their children dressed and out of the daycare by 6:00pm.

Three late departures are grounds for dismissal. If you must be late due to an emergency, please call the daycare yet late charges will still apply.  Parents are responsible for dressing their children when they are picked up, and for undressing them in the morning when the children come to the daycare. Authorized persons must accompany each child into the daycare and pick up the child from inside the daycare doors or playground. When you bring your child and when picking them up please see that that teacher sees your child has arrived or departed. This will eliminate undo worry.  The daycare cannot release a child to any relative or friend without written permission from the parent or guardian. In an emergency a phone call can be used to tell staff when someone else will pick up your child. This is to prevent children from being picked up by unauthorized people.

Nap Time

Every effort is made to adjust to the individual needs of all children regarding the daily nap. Children are allowed to take a book to their cots at the beginning of nap period. After at least 30 minutes of quiet rest, those children still awake are able to play under the supervision of the teachers. Parents may provide the child with a special book or stuffed animal for naptime.

Outdoor Play Time

If the weather is 32 degrees above zero, or not code Orange or Red, we play outside. On days when the weather isn’t this temperature or it is raining we utilize our large muscle equipment.


The daycare requests that your child does not bring toys from home. A naptime cuddlier may be used but only during naptime. Occasionally toys are used during the transition time and returned to the child’s cubby after the child is settled into the school routine. The daycare does encourage Preschool children to bring interesting items from home for Show and Tell time, every Wednesday morning. This is a great opportunity for children to practice talking in front of their peers. Please limit this to one item.

Meals and Snacks

The daycare provides breakfast, lunch, and one snacks for those children eating table food. Children enjoy treating their classmates to a special snack for birthdays and other special occasions. We require everything brought to the daycare to be pre-packaged, or fresh fruit. Please talk with the teachers on days you would like to bring a special treat into the daycare.  For infants who are still on formula or milk, please ensure that bottles are clearly labeled with the child’s name.

Children’s Personal Belongings

Children’s belongings should be clearly labeled with their name. Two complete changes of clothing are requested to be at the daycare at all times (shirt, pants, underwear, socks) in case a child needs to change. Please send the children in clothing that will be comfortable and easy to take off for toileting purposes. They will get messy outside and during some of our projects. BEAUTIFUL DAY is not responsible for any belongings getting lost.

Diaper Procedures

BEAUTIFUL DAY uses disposable diapers and training pants.  If your child has any condition that requires the use of a medication/ointment, written permission is needed.  The daycare will work with the parents on potty training routines that they wish us to follow. Please inform the teacher when your child is in training.

Children with Special Needs

Parents must inform the daycare of special needs of their child before enrollment so we can determine if the staff and program is suited for the child. The record of each child with special needs will have written documentation from a qualified consultant prior to the child’s enrollment and annually thereafter. The consultation will cover program, equipment, facility, staff ratio or staff training recommendations suited to the needs of the particular child.


BEAUTIFUL DAY will only maintain fish as pets in the daycare.  However, there are two dogs on the premises that are secured two floors above BEAUTIFUL DAY during regular business hours.  If you have any questions or concerns, please direct them to one of the directors.

Parent-Teacher Communication Systems

We have many forms of communicating with the parents. Listed below are a number of ways the directors and parents can be in communication with each other.

  1. Initial meeting with parents: Pre-enrollment Conference — When you enroll your child, the directors will show you through the daycare and answer any questions you may have. You may wish to share concerns about your child with the directors, tell what you expect from the program, etc. Please tell us if your child is on medication, behaves in any unusual ways, or has special traits of which the teachers should be aware.
  2. Parent-Teacher Conferences – These conferences are very useful for the teacher and the parents. They are a great way to assess how each child is doing in the daycare. The conferences are held in January, April, July, and October.
  3. Parent Information Board — The parent information board, located on the right wall beside the exit, serves as a place to post the monthly Newsletter, and Washington DC happenings of interest to children and families.
  4. Daily Written Reports- Busy Bee notes are made for the parents of the toddlers, about the child’s food intake, elimination, sleeping patterns, projects, and general behavior.
  5. BEAUTIFUL DAY Newsletter — The daycare newsletter is published monthly and placed in your child’s mailbox. The newsletter will highlight any special upcoming events, reminders, and recap any events that occurred during the prior month with photos of and/or drawings from your children.

Please tell us if . . .

  • your child had a bad night’s sleep
  • he/she was ill recently
  • something upsetting happened
  • something fun or exciting happened
  • your child has been exposed to a contagious disease
  • your child verbalizes feelings about the daycare or staff, or if your child’s behavior or mood is different than usual.

We will tell you . . .

  • about your child’s play
  • if your child didn’t eat normally
  • didn’t sleep well, or was out of sorts
  • if your child has an unusual bowel movement or any other unusual behavior
  • if your child got upset about something
  • anything else we feel you should know about your child’s day.

Behavior Guidance

BEAUTIFUL DAY has a philosophy that your children are important, and if given the opportunity, they will thrive emotionally, intellectually spiritually, socially, and creatively under the loving guidance of concerned parents and teachers. In this spirit, our staff will:

  • model positive acceptable behavior
  • redirect children away from conflict to constructive activity
  • teach children alternatives to problem behavior
  • protect the safety of children
  • provide immediate guidance/direction if a child behavior is unacceptable
  • recognize the age appropriate development of the child
  • not allow the children to act in a manner which will endanger them, another child, or the staff.

The following actions are prohibited by BEAUTIFUL DAY staff:

  • subjection of a child to emotional or physical abuse
  • punishment for lapses in toilet training
  • withholding food, light, warmth, clothing, or medical care as a punishment for unacceptable behavior
  • physical or mechanical restraint such as tying, other than to physically hold a child when necessary to protect a child or others from harm

Separation occurs when a child is removed from the group and is temporarily unable to participate in the programs activity. No child may be separated from the group unless the staff has tried less intrusive methods of guiding the child’s behavior, which have been ineffective, and the child’s behavior threatens the well-being of the child or other children in the daycare. All separations from the group must be noted on a daily log. The staff person making the note will state what other redirecting methods were used to guide the child’s behavior and how the child’s behavior continued to threaten the well being of the child or other children in care. If the child is separated from the group three times or more in one day, the child’s parent will be notified.

Accident and Emergency Procedures

If your child becomes injured at the daycare, the teacher in charge will administer simple first aid such as washing the injury, applying ice, and bandaging. The teacher will then fill out an injury report. One copy will go into the child’s mailbox and one copy will go in the child’s file. If the injury were serious, we would call the parent for instruction. If the child receives a serious injury that requires the services of a doctor, the following procedure will be followed:

  1. Call parent or guardian.
  2. Call one of the persons listed on the emergency card.
  3. Call the child’s physician for his/her advice.
  4. In the case that the above three fail, we will call an ambulance or paramedic team and have the child   taken to an emergency hospital with a staff person accompanying in the paramedics van or ambulance.

**Any and all expenses incurred under #4 will be borne by the child’s family or guardian. If an injury is severe, procedures 1-3 will be waived, and 911 will be immediately summoned.

Safety — The first teacher on duty in the morning will make a visual inspection of the room, and correct any potential hazards. Staff will use good judgment and prevention techniques to avoid injuries, burns, poisoning, choking, suffocation, traffic or pedestrian accidents.

Emergency Preparedness Plans

If an emergency occurs, and we are unable to occupy the facility, the children will be relocated to the Benning Height DC Public Library, located at 3935 Benning Road NE, Washington, DC 20019.  The telephone number at this library is 202.281.2583

Fire Prevention and Procedures

  1. Monthly fire drills will be conducted; a log is kept for licensing
  2. 911 will be called if needed.
  3. Fire extinguishers are on each floor of the house.
  4. The house contains 9 smoke detectors and 2 carbon monoxide detectors, which are hard-wired so that if any one goes off, they all go off.
  5. All staff are trained in fire procedures at their orientation.

Unauthorized Pick Up of a Child — If an unauthorized person or one who is incapacitated or suspected of abuse attempts to pick up a child, the daycare will not release the child to that person. If the person attempts to use force, 911 will be called.

Missing Child — If a child is missing, the teachers will first conduct a search for the child. If the teachers don’t find the child, 911 and the parents will be called.

Missing Parent — If the parent of a child does not appear to pick up their child, the staff member on duty will make attempts to reach the parents through the telephone numbers given and the contact persons authorized to pick up the child. If unable to contact anyone listed on the registration forms, the closing teacher will stay no longer than 6:30 pm. After that time, the closing teacher will turn the child over to the Child Protection Unit; a note will be left on the daycare door, telling where the child was taken, and the Child Protection phone number.

Abuse/Neglect of a child — will be reported by any person on our staff to Child Protection if it is suspected. We are legally required to report any suspected abuse or neglect of a child within 24 hours of the suspected abuse or neglect.

Attendance to a Sick Child Until a Parent Arrives — The daycare will provide care for a child separate from the other children, who become ill until that child is picked up by the parent.

Notification of Contagious Reportable Disease — If children are exposed or have a contagious reportable disease, this will be reported to all parents by the directors in the form of a sick note.

BEAUTIFUL DAY’s Policy on Sickness

Please do not bring your child to BEAUTIFUL DAY if he/she is displaying sickness or has a fever. Please respect the staff’s judgment when they determine that a child should not attend BEAUTIFUL DAY because of sickness. These limits are designed to help sick children recover and to avoid the spread of disease.

Listlessness, diarrhea, fever, or crankiness may all be symptoms of illness, and it is our policy to isolate children showing such symptoms. Parents need to pick up their child promptly if he/she is ill.

If your child become ill at the daycare

If the child becomes sick while at the daycare, the child must be isolated from other children in care and the parent called immediately. The license holder must exclude a child:

  • That has a reportable illness or condition that is contagious, (Parents must inform us within 24 hours if their child has a contagious disease.)
  • with chicken pox until the child is no longer infectious and returns with clearance from a Physician;
  • who has vomited since arriving that day;
  • who has had any abnormally loose stools since arriving that day;
  • who has contagious conjunctivitis or pus draining from the eye (pink eye);
  • who has a bacterial infection and has not completed 24 hours of antibiotics
  • who has unexplained lethargy and is unable to participate in all the regular activities of the day;
  • who has a 100 degree Fahrenheit temperature or above before fever reducing medication is given;
  • whose temperature has not been below 100 degrees for 24 hours
  • who has an undiagnosed rash or a rash attributable to a contagious illness or condition;
  • who requires more care than the teacher can provide without compromising the health and safety of the other children in care.

Medications Given at BEAUTIFUL DAY


Publicity Information

If photos of your child are asked to be taken for publicity purposes, we will have you sign a release form for each separate publicity venture.

Field Trips

Each field trip we go on will need a separate permission form. All kids must be in a car seat according to safety regulations when transported to a field trip, and you will be asked to provide one on days of the field trip.

Termination Notice and/or Schedule Changes

When the time comes to withdraw your child from the daycare, two weeks written notice is required.

Staff members will gather your child’s possessions for you on the child’s last day. In rare cases the daycare staff may decide that a child is too young or too mature for our program. If any child shows severe adjustment problems or stress from being in a group situation, the directors will give the parent two weeks notice to make other arrangements. In rare cases a child’s parents cannot adjust to the schedule of the daycare or they have difficulty following some regulation. When this happens, the directors will first verbally remind the parents of the regulation, if the parents continue to ignore or break the regulation, the directors will give the parents 2 weeks to make other child care arrangements.

Grievance Procedure

In the event of misunderstandings, personality conflicts, or specific complaints against the daycare staff or about the daycare policies, parents are encouraged to make an appointment with the directors to immediately remedy such problems. Good communication and interpersonal relationships make problem solving much easier. Please take the time to get to know the staff and to let them know you.

Admissions:  Non-discrimination

BEAUTIFUL DAY may not discriminate on the basis of race, sex, religion, creed, color, national origin, or source of payment. All children are welcome here.


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